Double-sided textile printing made easy

The novel Hollanders double-sided printing system for narrow fabrics
A game-changer for the fashion and textile decoration industry

Enabling New Possibilities

Enjoy the best design and function combined together

Never before has it been this easy to apply dessins across different materials. Creating printed fabrics with seamless decoration, on various parts of a garment or technical textile, whether it be stretch or rigid textile, is now also possible on straps, ribbons, belts and tapes.

The Hollanders narrow fabrics print solution combines design with function for an unmatched quality in sustainable and cost-effective textile decoration.

Brand owners and designers can now benefit from new possibilities in narrow fabrics decoration. With the same ink, the same print technology and the same color gamut on both wide format textile as narrow fabrics.

“By far the best investment in Equipment…
…It’s tailored to my needs”

4, 6, or 8 Colors

Choice of color channels

7 to 21 Picoliters

Variable dropsizes

300 to 900 dpi

Variable resolution

Up to 32 Heads

Variable head configuration

250cm to 320cm

Print width 500mm to 3220mm

100kg to 250kg

Media roll weight up to 250kg

24cm to 40cm

Media roll diameter up to 40cm

Up to 70m 2/hr

Print speed up to 70m 2/hr

Freedom of Design

Full design freedom, unrestricted creative textile decoration, and seamless production with 100% edge coverage on rigid, flexible and stretch materials.

Value meets Elegance

It’s not just the quality and the elegance of an end-product; cost-price and margin are factors to consider. With the Hollanders solution you can be assured of an added value in design and production, without breaking the bank.

Quality Rules

Constant quality without compromise to color yield, fastness properties and application. Designers, brand owners and print production companies can rely on the proven Hollanders technology in digital decoration.

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