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Hollanders Printing Solutions does not simply supply a printer. It’s an entire ecosystem, consisting of all tools needed for profitable, high quality print production.


Solutions for wide format textile and narrow fabrics. Among the current printer portfolio are: the third generation ColorBooster 250 and 320, the double sided ColorBooster DS and ColorBooster NF-DS.


The original ColorFix 230 and 320 are available as stand-alone unit that can also work as in-line option. The double sided print engines include an integrated ColorFix module. Besides the Hollanders infra-red solution, auxiliary add-ons for drying, steaming and fixation are available. 


For applications that need a washing cycle, think acid, reactive and disperse, Hollanders has developed the ColorWash 230 and 320 roll-to-roll washing machine with inline drying. Rinse, clean and dry in one process.


Hollanders has created a full portfolio of various inksets for different application needs. Pigment, disperse, sublimation, acid and reactive are available for printing on polyester, cotton, silk, polyamide and other fabric types. 


Print heads, filters, spare parts, cleaning fluid and all other supplies needed for day to day operation are of course included in the Hollanders offering. Either as on-demand products, or as part of a SLA.


Maintenance and support is offered under SLA’s to guarantee excellent performance at predictable cost over the years. Our expertise includes color management, training, sample evaluation, advice, and workflow optimization.

Acclaimed Hollanders Quality

The Hollanders ColorBooster is the standard when it comes to high quality, 24/7, digital textile print production. The ColorBooster includes a built-in climate control, remote support, renowned media transport and it is built with textile in mind. Available as single-sided, double-sided and narrow fabrics version.

Print and Fix in One Process

The Hollanders ColorBooster DS double sided digital textile printer can print onto various textiles: spun-polyester flags, decostyle banners, media for back-lit retail frames, front-lit POP/POS material and any other polyester type media. With the latest pigment inkset, other types of media can be printed: cotton, silk and lycra for applications such as interior decoration, upholstery and fashion.

Seamless fit in production flow

The Hollanders ColorFix is a color fixation machine for textile print production using middle wave infrared energy. The zero-contact fixation system allows for exact and constant temperatures for the entire media surface, thereby enabling fixation of colors to the textile without deformation and at the highest possible UV-resistance, color brilliance and durability. Available as stand-alone unit, as well as integrated with double-sided print engines. 

Seamless Production and Higher Quality

Washing off excess ink and pre-treatment has never been easier. The Hollanders ColorWash solution enables roll-to-roll (R2R) washing of digitally printed textile. Made to measure, with quality in mind.

High Volume Narrow Fabrics Printing

Box-to-box decoration of narrow fabrics. Printed on both sides simultaneously, with 100% edge cover, and fixated in-line without the need for pre- or post-treatment. The ColorBooster NF-DS handles rigid and stretch material, up to 4 tapes in parallel. 

The Dutch Approach to Engineering

Understanding all parameters, controlling the variables, optimising the performance: Hollanders embraces technology to master the process of printing on textile. We love to find the pragmatic solutions for each individual challenge, so that we understand how to integrate to the specific requirements.

In Hollanders vision, the deeper our understanding, the better we tune our solution to your needs. Starting with the color and productivity needs, we analyse all cost that determine the optimal configuration and we share the ROI calculations to find the overall lowest cost per printed square meter.

This approach gives the most robust and sustainable machines that are intended to produce for decades. Optimised for stable quality output, facilitating the operator job and, due to the high level of automation, allowing for unattended 24/7 production.

It’s all in the detail

Because Hollanders is textile first and textile only, and has been since its founding over 30 years ago, the engineering team has looked at all possible aspects that influence the final result. Over the years, it has perfected each and every component it uses in its systems.

Every print engine has been optimised to the core, making it future-proof, sustainable, stable and cost effective. Most of the specialty components are designed, manufactured and assembled at the Hollanders factory. All with one goal in mind: delivery of printing equipment that stands the test of time. 

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