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The Hollanders product and technology portfolio is unique in the textile printing industry. We deliver an A to Z turnkey solution that includes all hardware, software, ink, supplies and services needed for profitable print production. 

Hollanders is the first ever to develop a unique double-sided textile printer with in-line infra-red fixation unit. Today, it is still the de-facto standard in industrial-level print production. 

Small footprint, easy to operate, modular and upgradable: the Hollanders ColorBooster range includes single-sided, multi-color systems in various widths, offering selectable speeds and inksets.

Also a pedigree of Hollanders innovation: the first ever high productivity infra-red ColorFix unit. With sensors to measure temperatures across the media for accurate color fixation.

Built on the same approach of productivity and modularity, the Hollanders roll-to-roll ColorWash is a fully automated system with integrated washing and drying.

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For Narrow Fabrics

Hollanders proudly presents

The ColorBooster NF-DS

Based on the award winning, unique and proven Hollanders wide format, double sided print engine, now comes the Hollanders ColorBooster NF-DS. A dedicated system for narrow size fabrics, such as straps, bands, and belts. It can handle tough rigid fabrics as well as fine stretch material. 

With integrated drying and a media handling system that allows “box-to-box” processing, it has never been easier to run high volume production. 

The ColorBooster NF-DS is equipped with industrial print heads, running innovative water-based pigment ink, which can print up to 4 tapes in parallel, simultaneously on the front and back of the material, and with 100% edge coverage. 

Watch the introduction video below , or get in touch with us. We gladly explain and demonstrate the Hollanders ColorBooster NF-DS capabilties.

Our take on textile printing

Hollanders Printing Solutions offers a total concept for the digital textile print production market. The product portfolio is a balanced set of machines, software and supplies. Every single machine can be used as a stand-alone solution that fits in any existing workflow. Combined, however, it offers economical business advantages.

Most important business gain is less operator involvement, saving time and money otherwise spent on misprints and handling of the production flow. Secondly, the Hollanders concept lowers cost for environmental investments: the machines use less electricity, less water and produce less waste material than traditional workflows. The Hollanders platform is designed to offer the lowest cost per square meter. ROI calculation proves that investing in the Hollanders solution lowers overall cost of ownership.

On top of the economics, Hollanders enables higher quality output, with much brighter colors in a much wider color gamut. The reason to choose fabric from a design and usage perspective, is that it’s a flexible, elegant sign product that won’t fade, crack or scratch. The reason to choose Hollanders, is its versatile approach to printing flags, fashion, banners, leather, interior decor, etc.

Why choose Hollanders?

Because we address and solve common issues in today’s textile print production. 


Digital direct, on-demand, using only those resources needed, when needed. Shortening the production process and eliminating excess energy use. With rising cost of energy, the Hollanders system is the go-to solution to save money.


A cost factor as well as a matter of sustainable operation; lowering the amount of waste across the whole production chain by controlling every step is key to optimally use all resources. More A-grade production output, less material in the bin.


Valued and trained staff doing what they do best, while the equipment does the rest. Fully automated, fully controlled, 24/7 production; with a minimum of operator involvement. This allows the people to use their expertise where it’s needed most.


Fast turn-around times, easy planning, short-run as well as long-run. The Hollanders approach allows running at the highest efficiency level. No hidden cost, all calculated in a straightforward ROI.

Leading by Example

Running a profitable textile print production business is not just based on getting the right gear in place. It’s more often to do with the expertise and know-how of the processes, best practices, and details of technology and application. Hollanders gladly shares its insights with the industry. We’re not simply selling equipment; our aim is to educate and assist those that want to make the most of their business, while also minding the economy, ecology, and general impact of our industry.

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