The ColorBooster NF-DS

The novel Hollanders double-sided printing system for narrow fabrics
A game-changer for the fashion and textile decoration industry

Enabling New Possibilities

Enjoy the best design and function combined together

Never before has it been this easy to apply dessins across different materials. Creating printed fabrics with seamless decoration, on various parts of a garment or technical textile, whether it be stretch or rigid textile, is now also possible on straps, ribbons, belts and tapes.

The Hollanders narrow fabrics print solution combines design with function for an unmatched quality in sustainable and cost-effective textile decoration.

Brand owners and designers can now benefit from new possibilities in narrow fabrics decoration. With the same ink, the same print technology and the same color gamut on both wide format textile as narrow fabrics.

Why choose Hollanders?

Hollanders has a track record of proven technology, spanning decades of development of digital textile printing systems. Every solution is built with the application in mind. Hollanders is customer focused and delivers equipment that enables print shops to produce material that designers intended to create and brand owners can rely on.

Moreover, Hollanders actively investigates, tests and tweaks combinations of textile media, inks, processes and fastness properties. The result of that are enthusiastic customers across the globe that continuously create the highest quality at the lowest cost using the renowned Hollanders solutions.

Making Designers Happy

Print on both sides of the media simultaneously, with 100% edge coverage. Load your media once and produce seamless end-to-end full coverage of your dessins. Color accuracy and color gamut are second to none.

Offering Opportunities to Producers

Unattended operation with least amount of operator involvement. Feed in and feed out of media from box to box. Easy to operate, and with a sound ROI.

Reducing Footprint

Pigment ink requires no pre- and post-treatment. Waterless process, with integrated and in-line heat fixation. In a world where durability and sustainability count, lowering the impact on resources is a key factor.

Offering Versatility

Wide color gamut printing on natural and synthetic fibers, whether rigid, flexible or stretch. Being able to switch material and choose a configuration that fits production requirements makes for a versatile approach.

“By far the best investment in Equipment…
…It’s tailored to my needs”

Freedom of Design

Full design freedom, unrestricted creative textile decoration, and seamless production with 100% edge coverage on rigid, flexible and stretch materials.

Value meets Elegance

It’s not just the quality and the elegance of an end-product; cost-price and margin are factors to consider. With the Hollanders solution you can be assured of an added value in design and production, without breaking the bank.

Quality Rules

Constant quality without compromise to color yield, fastness properties and application. Designers, brand owners and print production companies can rely on the proven Hollanders technology in digital decoration.

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Pigment Ink

Hollanders builds custom configurations to suit the needs of a customer. The base NF model is offered with a water-based pigment ink configuration and integrated drying and fixation. It’s a full “box-to-box” production system, that flexibly accepts various media widths.

Using a pigment ink means less production steps: print and fix in one process, instead of separate processes and a multitude of devices. It’s suited for cellulosic, synthetic and fiber blends. Without pre- or post-treatment. Perfect for fashion, apparel and home textile applications.

“Incredible quality on both sides,
and on the edges too!”