Hollanders is an application-driven, customer-focused company. Our product portfolio is merely the result of R&D geared towards building solutions that deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost. 

Promotional, Decorative, Functional.

When looking for a versatile industrial level print production system, it is reassuring to know that a supplier understands what is needed for the wide variation of applications within the textile industry. Hollanders is textile first and textile only. Ever since the founding of the company, Hollanders has focused on all aspects of each process: media, ink, pre- and post-treatment, workflow and all other details that are connected to specific market segments. 


Fashion & Apparel

Apparel, clothing, fashion, sportswear, accessories; wearable textile comes in many shapes and sizes. Quality, durability and wearability are important factors for brands and designers. On-demand production and long-tail reruns rely on constant quality of goods and colors. A print production system needs to be up to the task of delivering this constant quality. The following pages include some real-life examples produced with Hollanders solutions.


Interior Decoration

Interior decoration revolves around longevity and durability of the fabrics used for curtains, upholstery, bedding and other application fields. It is therefor a challenging environment for print production companies to ensure the desired qualities using digital inkjet. Hollanders offers a great benefit with its double-sided printer, enabling for instance the decoration of sunscreens, curtains and room dividers.


Flags & Banners

Promotional print for indoor and outdoor use is often created for visual impact; vector graphics, brand logos, bold and strong colors, and mostly in combination with other POP/POS signs and banners. Accurate color reproduction and weather resistance are factors to count with. The Hollanders inksets are specifically selected to cater for these needs. Furthermore, the print engine allows for very precise inkdrop placement and volume control.


Niche & Technical

With a range of print engines in various formats, Hollanders offers solutions to print anything from single-sided large format, jumbo roll, to high volume, narrow fabric material. Often tailor-made and application specific, using the Hollanders proven technology and modular components, customers are provided with segment-specific solutions.

The solutions for textile printing

A focus on quality

Output quality comes first. Always. 

Hollanders customers know that our drive comes from understanding the requirements of a specific textile print process. Whether it’s printing with pigmented ink on cotton, disperse direct on polyester, or acid, reactive, or sublimation on other fabrics and blends; Hollanders dives into the specifics to guarantee the best possible output quality.

Textile first, textile only

At Hollanders, we start off with the end product, the application. It is the prime essence of the whole product portfolio, the technology and all solutions we develop.

At Hollanders, research starts with the application in mind. Because this is what it’s all about: a high value product at the lowest cost per square meter. With the traditional qualities that meet the requirements of specific markets and a specific usage. This is what our customers are looking for and this is what we are good at.

Color gamut, ink density, print-through, uv-stability, the “hand”, precision, registration, resolution, gradient, color reproduction, but to name a few. It’s about all facets of a consistent production flow and the control over the results, day after day, year after year.

This page holds only a few examples of the textile applications that are easily produced using Hollanders equipment.

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