Hollanders Mission

A total concept for digital textile printing.


Hollanders Printing Solutions offers a total concept for the digital textile print production market. The product portfolio is a balanced set of machines, software and supplies. Every single machine can be used as a stand-alone solution that fits in any existing workflow. Combined, however, it offers economical business advantages.

Most important business gain is less operator involvement, saving time and money otherwise spent on misprints and handling of the production flow. Secondly, the Hollanders concept lowers cost for environmental investments: the machines use less electricity, less water and produce less waste material than traditional workflows. The Hollanders platform is designed to offer the lowest cost per square meter. ROI calculation proves that investing in the Hollanders solution lowers overall cost of ownership.

On top of the economics, Hollanders enables higher quality output, with much brighter colors in a much wider color gamut. The reason to choose fabric from a design and usage perspective, is that it's a flexible, elegant sign product that won't fade, crack or scratch. The reason to choose Hollanders, is its versatile approach to printing flags, banners, leather etc.

The Hollanders approach is built upon these core competences:

      • Reliability
      • Productivity
      • Color Reproduction
      • Economics
      • Knowledge