ColorBooster 320

Upgradable entry-level dye-sub printer


The Hollanders ColorBooster 320 digital textile printer is a modular and upgradable entry-level printer for dye-sub transfer and disperse direct to textile printing. Based on the same proven Hollanders technology as found in the 250 series, the ColorBooster 320 includes the proprietary Hollanders media handling system, on-board remote support system and options for built-in humidity and temperature control.

The biggest advantage is the possibility to order a made to measure system with the amount of print heads, the amount of color channels, the speed requirements and the application requirements in mind. Hollanders offers the possibility to include or exclude those options that are really needed.

The standard ColorBooster 320 comes with 2 Ricoh MH5420 heads, 4 colour set-up and has the availability to upgrade it up to 8 heads. It is specifically designed for soft signage applications, using standard CMYK dye sub inks. The starter edition offers a great alternative to PVC and vinyl printing using solvent, latex or UV curable inks.

With print heads and color sets extended to cater for higher speeds and wider color gamut, these additions are specifically designed for all-round textile print producers, offering tools to adjust ink flow and print-through. There is also the option to add a dust and humidity control system that acclimatizes the machine.

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Why would you prefer the ColorBooster 320?

Direct to textile or dye-sub transfer printing
Flexible head configuration: invest once in hardware, upgrade as you please
Built-in remote assistance module with webcam functionality and system log agent
Option for climate cooling and heating system
Option for integrated dust and humidity control
Option for On-board cleaning system with print-head 'shower'

More information about the ColorBooster 320 and the upgrade possibilities is available upon request. Contact the Hollanders Sales Department for more information