Hollanders Textile Ink

The best choice of ink, for the best possible output quality


Hollanders has created an unique set of digital textile ink, for various types of media, with a wide range of colors. All based upon the Hollanders approach of getting the best color reproduction and all exactly formulated to fit the characteristics of the print-heads and the requirements of the application.

Whether it be low energy dye-sublimation, high energy disperse direct, acid or reactive ink, Hollanders has developed a line of water-based inks that offer a wide gamut and high UV resistance. Since Hollanders offers a modular approach to print-head configurations, with choice of amount of channels, there is a wide selection of colors.

Depending on the type of ink, the following colors are available:

Hollanders Ink - Wide Gamut Color

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Violet, Red, Light Black and Orange are typical colors in the ink palette, but for specialist markets, Hollanders offers for instance a Rubine or a Dark Red. Within the blacks, Hollanders offers a heavy, dense version that is regarded as the deepest and most saturated black available in the market today.

A logical step for those seeking a long, even balanced black, the additional Light Black (or: Dark Grey) comes in quite nicely for areas that don't need high density. Upon request, Hollanders offers tones or shades, such as light Magenta and Light Cyan.