ColorBooster DS

The first ever double-sided textile printer with integrated fixation


A truly unique solution for digital textile printing: the ColorBooster DS, a double sided printer with integrated fixation unit. This one of a kind system is the first textile printer to include two print engines and a fixation unit, enabling industrial level printing onto textiles on both sides of the media simultaneously. Whether it be a spun polyester flag, deco-style banner, back-lit media for retail frames, front-lit POP/POS material; the ColorBooster DS can print similar or different images on each side of the fabric. 

The result is a print with the highest quality with the best UV resistance. Color penetration, gamut and vibrancy is second to none. As with all Hollanders systems, the ColorBooster DS has on-board climate control, the renowned Hollanders media transport and remote support system. It allows 24/7 print production with rolls of up to 60cm in diameter.

ColorBooster DS: Double sided textile printing

The ColorBooster DS can be configured to suit the needs of the customer. In particular when it comes to color reproduction. In addition to the base CMYK color range, Hollanders offers specific colors to extend the gamut (eg. violet, red, gray). The ColorBooster DS comes in a 3.2mtr and a 2.1mtr edition.

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