ColorWash 320

Modular roll-to-roll washing system


The 3.2m ColorWash industrial textile washing machine is a modular roll-to-roll solution that offers washing, drying and ironing without operator interference. With an onboard control system for water temperature, washing speed, soap concentration, media tension, drying and ironing, it is truly a unique machine for the digital textile print production market.

ColorWash roll to roll washing for textile printing

It supports the same media rolls as processed with the ColorBooster and ColorFix, making it an ideal in-line add-on to the Hollanders wide format digital textile print production flow.

The ColorWash offers modules that can be put together per user request. Modules include baths for cold and warm water, incl. mechanical forced washing, high pressure water cleaning and/or rinsing; an air blower drying unit; a high temperature ironing unit and a media roll-up system.

The ColorWash system ensures washing off ink residue and coating. The result is a softer, cleaner and longer lasting end-product, limiting the effects of bleeding, migration and colorization.

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