ColorFix 320

Infra-red fixation with less environmental impact


The Hollanders ColorFix is a color fixation machine for textile print production, using middle wave infra-red energy. The zero-contact fixation system allows for exact and constant temperatures for the entire media surface, thereby enabling fixation of colors to the textile without deformation and at the highest possible UV-resistance, color brilliance and durability.

The method used is very different from heat presses and steamers. There’s no waste material and it doesn’t need vast amounts of energy or water. Within 10 minutes after start-up, the device is ready for production.

ColorFix Fixation unit for textile printing

A built-in computer measures and controls both media temperature as well as media tension. The Hollanders ColorFix offers presets for different media types, media width and custom presets can be programmed.

The ColorFix is a roll-to-roll device that fits seamlessly in the entire production flow. One person can operate the machine: it uses the same media roll core as used in the other Hollanders production units.

Typically, one ColorFix device can keep up with three ColorBooster printers. After an unattended overnight production cycle of the ColorBooster, the ColorFix will easily post-process the media for further handling.

Whereas inline fixation needs lower speeds at lower temperatures, the ColorFix enables high speed fixation at high temperatures. This ensures highest quality fixation with little to none processing errors. Because it's a separate device, it splits the controlled printing environment from the high temperature fixation environment; it's more economic and it allows for flexibility of running various printers at the speed needed for the different applications.

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