Meet the Hollanders Team

Who is who at the company


A company is as good as the people doing the hard work to make things happen. Hollanders is very proud to have these professionals work for them. They are all skilled enthustiasts that spend their time and efforts to make Hollanders the best company in this industry. It's this dedicated team that makes the difference.


Peter Hollanders   Michiel-website.jpg    Marcel van der Linden    
Peter Hollanders   Michiel Willemse   Marcel van der Linden    
Bart van Moorsel   Barry van den Boomen   Sandra.jpg     
Bart van Moorsel    Barry van den Boomen   Sandra Schotman    
Ron-website.jpg   Marianne van Geelkerken   daan-website.jpg     
 Ron Bombeeck   Marianne van Geelkerken   Daan Hertogs     
John Jansen            
John Jansen