Modular Upgrades for ColorBooster XL

1 October 2010


Since the introduction of the ColorBooster XL, Hollanders Printing Systems (HPS) has successfully sold its 3.2mtr wide industrial digital direct textile print production platform throughout the world. Major part of its success is the modular approach that allows customers to select equipment and choose configurations that best fit the requirements of their business. Every single component - printer, fixator, washer, cutter - can be used as standalone product and fits existing production set-ups. Combined however, it offers economical and environmental advantages.

Flagship product ColorBooster XL 320 in itself is developed with the modular approach in mind: customers have the freedom to choose which print heads best fit their operation. HPS offers configurations that include 4 colors (CMYK), 6 colors (CMYK, Gray, Violet) and 8 colors (CMYK/ORGB). Choice of ink includes options for indoor direct sublimation, outdoor disperse direct, acid and reactive.

New Upgrades for ColorBooster XL

Hollanders Printing Systems has released a new print engine edition, that allows for quicker turn around times, improved screening and higher speeds. Based on customer feedback, HPS has developed new print modes that offer higher speeds on certain materials, as well as ultra-fine high quality printing at lower speeds for material that needs time to absorb ink. Multi-layer, multi-strike print passes have been added to increase control over ink drop placement and density build-up.

The HPS ColorBooster XL is a unique system that allows printing on delicate material such as voile, speaker cloth and thin back-lit material, as well as on thicker decostyle media and open structure mesh and flag fabric. HPS now offers an upgrade of its media transport system that allows accurately running even thinner, more flexible material. Where other systems struggle with stripes and media feed issues, HPS further pushes the envelope to set a new standard in output quality.

In addition, HPS offers a print head cleaning station with an upgrade for wet cleaning, as to increase print head lifetime and to lower overall maintenance time. This means: higher productivity at a lower cost. Expanded remote support logging agent features have also been added to the system. Besides the built-in web-cams and options to connect directly to the system logs, HPS developed more tools for technicians to remotely verify the statistics of the hardware.

The Difference with Other Manufacturers

Where other printer manufacturers would sell these improvements as new models, HPS offers these as upgrade options to existing systems. HPS' modular approach of building systems pays off and allows system owners to use the latest technology if and when required, without the need to invest in another, new system. A perfect example are the customers that started out by using the ColorBooster XL based on Epson print-heads and switched to using Seiko print-heads on the same printer.