Company Background

"Hollanders is different"

"Hollanders is textile"


These two short phrases accurately define how Hollanders Printing Solutions operates. Contrary to most manufacturers in this market, Hollanders has started not as a printer manufacturer, but as a developer of solutions for textile printing. Every development cycle at the company starts with exploring the requirements of a process and finding the right components to build an industrial product. And every development is with the textile requirements in mind.

In what Hollanders does, it is unique. When working with textile and when the highest quality is to be combined with lowest cost of production, there is only one way to control the entire process. It's to understand every little detail of the entire production flow. And this is very different from using an existing printer and convert it into something that might be able to print on textile.

Hollanders addresses textile print production requirements with an unique approach: we think platform, we think turn-key, we think solution. We say 'different', because that's what we found out during the hundreds of conversations we have had with people from the industry. They all acknowledge that how we operate is nowhere to be found.

For years, Hollanders has worked with an ROI method based on true figures, not the marketing information you may get from other manufacturers. At the end of the year, our customers must be able to confirm that our economic model is right: lowest cost per square meter at the highest possible quality. And that with the best color reproduction on the widest range of fabrics.

Ever since the founding of the company, Hollanders has minded the environment. The USP's of our equipment have always been and will remain: least amount of resource waste, whether it be media, ink, electricity or water. We will not knowingly use toxic or hazardous chemical processes if other methods are available. We do not and will not use for instance solvent or UV inks.

We always invite people to come visit our offices and to see our demo facility. We will always work through the ROI system. We will always ask our customers to bring their files and material, so we can give a sound advice. And when we come to the conclusion that our equipment does not fit an operation, we are not afraid to say so.